Thursday, May 07, 2009

Women and the Swiss Guard

Women may soon be allowed into the ranks of the world's smallest army, the Swiss Guard, whose job is to protect the Pope. What do you think of this? Take a moment and take the poll! You can choose more than one option when you vote.
What do you think about the possibility of women entering the Swiss Guard?
It's about time. 500 years of opression is too long!
The Pope should not break the 500 year tradition of the Swiss Guard
The role of protecting the Pope belongs to men, not women
Allowing women in the Swiss Guard will cause more trouble than its worth
What? those are men in those uniforms? EEK! free polls


Terry Nelson said...

No offense, but I'm tired of women trying to be men.

Dymphna said...

They'd better create a maternity uniform because I gaurantee you if you add cute young women to a unit of young men you will have babies. I'll bet the wives of the married gaurdsmen are just "thrilled" by this idea.