Thursday, June 04, 2009

My two cents

One of my pet peeves is when I see healthy people without a disability parking in the handicap zone. I am not talking here about people who look able-bodied, but have a medical condition that qualifies them for a handicapped parking permit. I am talking about the guys and gals that use these spaces on someone else's permit.

Not even when the ambulance is on a life-threatening call will I consider taking up a handicap parking space, and most certainly never when I am in my private vehicle. Oh, these people I am ranting about have the appropriate signage on their dashboard, so I assume they must have a family member who has a disability, but it is shamefully lazy for someone who is not handicapped to park in these zones. Here's a thought - park further away, buddy; the excercise will do you good!

One other thing, how valid is it take up a handicap parking spot when the person with the disability sits in the car and the able-bodied caregiver or friend runs into the store to get what they need? Like what is the point of that?

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