Saturday, June 13, 2009

Name these Saints

It is Saturday, so that means it is time for our third round of "Name these Saints." This time, I am going to wait until Sunday night to publish the comments. That way, everyone can guess without having to read the guesses that preceeded their comment. Please tell a little about these saints along with your guess. It may serve to educate the rest of us. Drum roll.....

These three saints need no introduction. Who are they?

Likewise, this saint's story is so well known, you should recognize him by his unique pose.

And now, time to put your thinking caps on. You didn't think they were all going to be easy did you? Which saint is the Blessed Virgin appearing to in the above image? He was a Dominican, evangalized Poland and many other neighbouring countries. He was one of the first to receive the habit of the newly established Order of Friars Preachers at the hands of Saint Dominic. Once, during an attack at the monastery, this saint managed to save the Monstrance and a statue of the Blessed Virgin, whose weight was impossible to lift, yet he managed to save it from destruction. Who is he?


John Meyers said...

St. Hyacinth.
But I have to admit it was the comment, not the picture, that gave it to me.

Anonymous said...

1.Is made up of the saints of all saints, our Blessed Mother Mary, with the child Jesus. St Dominic is on the left receiving the rosary and St Francis of Assisi is on the right. He has the stigmata. I’m guessing the book between them may have to do with St Dominic creating the Order of Preachers.

2.Is St Christopher. “In 1969, the Church took a long look at all the saints on its calendar to see if there was historical evidence that that saint existed and lived a life of holiness. In taking that long look, the Church discovered that there was little proof that many "saints", including some very popular ones, ever lived. Christopher was one of the names that was determined to have a basis mostly in legend. Therefore Christopher (and others) were dropped from the universal calendar.”

3.Is St Hyacinth of Poland. I was just discussing the story of a saint rescuing the statue of the BVM, last week with someone. However, neither of us could remember his name. A little research and I found the story, that I remember from long ago.

Thanks for the challenge. It was fun.

paramedicgirl said...

Elizabeth, you are right on all three. Thanks for putting in the extra information about the saints!