Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Name these Saints

It's time for another round of Name these Saints! Here are three to test your knowledge and memory.

Who is this saint adoring the crucifixion? He founded a religious order and was born in Spain. During a famine, he gave away his money and sold his clothes, his furniture and books to help the poor. Who is he?

This saint often exclaimed, "Tell me, can anyone receive Jesus into his heart and not die? " She went to a Dominican convernt at a very young age, and died shortly after.

Notice the lion in the picture. Who is this saint and what does the lion represent?


Anita Moore said...

Okay, here we go:

1. I'd better know this one. It's St. Dominic.

2. Bl. Imelda Lambertini.

3. St. Mark the Evangelist.

No applause please, just throw money.

Shirley said...

St. Dominic on the first one, don't know the second one, the third one is St. Jerome and the lion -he pulled a thorn from the lion's foot, and it stayed with him at the monastery , and was given the job of guarding the donkey.

Anonymous said...

1. Hard - It’s a Dominican habit. Lots of saints born in Spain. I was thinking Vincent Ferrer but he didn’t start an order. Could it be St Dominic himself?
2. Easy - One of my favorite Bl Imelda Lambertini. She died of love after receiving her first holy communion. Here’s a great link about her:
3. Hard – After an image search of saint lion angel. St Jerome’s name came up most often but no picture matched yours, so it is a guess. If it is him, “often too he is shown with a lion, from whose paw, according to legend, he once drew a thorn.”


This was a challenge but what fun. Thank you.

Harried Potter said...
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Harried Potter said...

i don't have a clue about the first two. but i think the last one is ST. MARK the evangelist.

(mark is associated with the lion, john with the eagle, luke with the bull and mark with man.)

paramedicgirl said...

Anita, I can only throw you 2/3 of the money. You got the first two right!

Shirley, you got two right - and a good guess on St. Jerome.

Elizabeth, thanks for playing. You were right on about Blessed Imelda.

Harried, thanks for playing, but I can't throw you any money. The correct answers are St. Dominic, Blessed Imelda and St. Jerome.

Anita Moore said...

Oh, well. 2/3 is better than 0/3!