Monday, July 13, 2009

Would you come?

Thousands of people flock to venues when big name stars are scheduled to perform. People travel miles to see them, and schedule their lives around the event, all for the sake of being physically present when their idol is on stage.

What if Jesus were to appear? Would you drop everything to be there; would you arrange your schedule and your life so as not to miss this wondrous event? Would you?

If you answered yes to this question, ask yourself - when was the last time you adored Jesus in the Tabernacle? Have you made a Holy Hour lately?

I`m just saying....


Shirley said...

I make a Holy Hour every Friday, and would do so more often if it was available. I think if more Catholics truly understood about the Real Presence, they would flock to Church. How can you know that Jesus is there and not want to go? When I lived in Winfield and had a key to the church, I used to go often into the church to sit in front of the tabernacle and pray, or just to listen to the voice of God.

Nancy said...

I've signed up for two hours on Saturday afternoon at a parish with a perpetual adoration chapel (set up in the front room on the ground floor of the rectory). I started with an hour each week during Advent, but I found that the time absolutely zipped by and it was hard to leave after an hour when the soul was really warmed up.

Even two hours doesn't feel really long in the presence of Jesus. And when I have those moments like a couple of weeks ago when for my whole shift I was completely alone with the Blessed Sacrament, the intimacy with the Lord is indescribable.

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley and Nancy, it is so good to read your comments about your visits to teh Blessed Sacrament. Nancy, I agree, when you are there alone, it seems more special and personal.

I went to adoration today after my road trip was over - I took a different route home that would take me directly past the chapel - and I prayed for each and every person who reads this blog, that your petitions will be answered; that God will keep you all in His grace and lead you to eternal salvation.

Anonymous said...

I should have seen where you were going, as you've mentioned Holy Hours in the past, but while reading it I was expecting you to say the Mass. So few people are even willing to set aside one hour a week to attend Mass.

Here the Churches are locked up for years and Holy Hours are not encouraged. We don't even have time to make a thanksgiving after Mass before they are more or less rushing us out by locking doors and turning off lights, etc.

We have enthroned our home and consecrated your family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As part of this devotion, there is the recommendation of 1 holy hour per month, in front of the enthroned pictures (or statutes) but I try to do at least 2.

It’s nice to see the comments from those of you who go and spend time with our Savior. Every day I send my guardian angel to visit all the tabernacles of the world, especially those where He is most abandoned and most neglected.

Paramedicgirl, you put up the most interesting post and thought provoking questions.


PS Thanks for the Perry Como info. My sister has (had?) a bunch of his stuff. Maybe I’ll be able to find it.

paramedicgirl said...

Elizabeth, what a beautiful practise to send your guardian angel every day to visit all the tabernacles of the world, especially those where He is most abandoned and most neglected.

I must get in the habit of doing that!