Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's your caption?

From the combox - Mother Superior said to cool off!


Marilena said...

Mother Superior said to cool off! :D

or, Oh yeah, this is definitely the way to cool off!

Shirley said...

Lord, save me! I perish!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYY, The silent hour is up!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!!

Cygnus said...

The Holy See-approved remake of the opening scene of "Godspell."

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Marilena, I like yours best. I am going to post it below the pic.

Marilena said...

well thanks!:)

Happy Catholic said...

Okay...a few for you.

Surf Sisters: SPF 200

Splashing: a hard habit to break.

Holy Water!

Thanks for the fun post!