Thursday, June 17, 2010

Water and the Holy Ghost

On Pentecost Sunday, as our priest was delivering his sermon, he gave the most interesting analogy of the Holy Spirit. It's one I have never heard before, but will certainly remember for when I teach catechism again. It would also come in handy for helping others to understand how there are three Persons in one God. Here it is:

Water comes in different forms. There is ice, vapour, and liquid water. They are all the same thing - water - even though they take different forms.

Interesting, isn't it? It just might help someone to grasp that difficult concept.


Adoro said...

Actually...don't use that example for anything other than science class. It's the heresy of Modalism, or Sabelianism, condemned in the early Church.

Interesting he used that on Pentecost Sunday as that heresy usually appears on Trinity Sunday.

(A priest friend of mine told me that they commonly call Trinity Sunday "heresy Sunday" and this is one of the most common examples).

Look up the heresy and you'll see why this example is heretical. ;-) gentle with the priest who probably didn't intend to be heretical!

paramedicgirl said...

Adoro, I did look up that heresy. Where it differs from what I wrote, is that the heresy states that God, The Son, and the Holy Ghost do not co-exist at the same time. It falsely states that they all existed separately from one another at separate times. I fail to see how the analogy of water taking three separate forms mean it is not existing at the same time.