Monday, September 20, 2010

A few Quotes from the Saints

"If you are asked why you communicate so frequently, say that two sorts of persons ought to communicate frequently; the perfect and the imperfect - the perfect to preserve perfection, and the imperfect to acquire it." - Saint Francis de Sales

"When you are to communicate, desire to have all the love which any soul has ever had for Me, and I will accept your love in proportion to the ardor with which you wish for it."
- Jesus to Saint Mechtilde

"Though you feel tepid, approach the altar, trusting in the mercy of God. The more a person feels sick, the more he stands in need of a physician." - Saint Bonaventure

"The crosses that happen to us are called evils, because we call them so, and because we make them evils; if we accepted them as we ought, with resignation, from the hands of God, they should prove to us, not evils, but blessings." - Saint Alphonsus Liguori

"A vice in the heart is an idol on the altar." - Saint Jerome

"The devil deludes men in two ways; by despair and by hope. Before the sinner offends God, the devil encourages him to sin by placing before him the hope of Divine Mercy. After he sins, the devil places before his eyes the terror of Divine Justice, thus tempting him to despair. Instead, after sin, hope for mercy; before sin fear justice. - Saint Augustine

"If you have contracted any evil habit, endeavor to abandon it now, while God still calls you. Rejoice and be glad as long as conscience reproves you; for it is a sign that God has not yet abandoned you; but amend, and instantly shake off the bad habit. If you do not, the wound will become gangrenous, and you will be lost." - Saint Alphonsus Liguori

To him who begins a good (holy) life, a reward is promised, but is only given to him who perseveres." - Saint Bernard


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