Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hate, disguised as a game

From Lifesite News, here is a link from a gay website where you can click on a photo of a traditional married couple and bomb them, sending them and their traditional values into oblivion. They must have garnered the images from around the web. The game is called DESTROY.TRADITIONAL.MARRIAGE. Why is it that gays can spew forward their hate and vitriol without any reprimand; even receiving accolades and applause in return, but if heterosexuals were to post a game on the web that claimed to destroy gay "marriages", sending them into oblivion, the outcry would be horrendous.

They posted a link at the bottom of the game, that says "Special note to the readers of Lifesite News", and when you click on it, they bomb the link, seemingly blowing up Lifesite News.

These guys are nothing more than gay terrorists. Terrorism is alive and well on this website.


Anita Moore said...

Typical response of those whose way of life is rejected by society. What do you suppose, for instance, was the sexual orientation of all (or at least most) of those British intelligence officers who were actually Soviet agents during the Cold War?

ignorant redneck said...

It's just another example of "inversion", a hallmark of demonic influence.

They label us as H8ters, yet they are the ones who act out rage and hatred.

Its not inherent in their SSA-the SSA is an in for evil.

kam said...

I have to agree with I.R., it's the work of satan. Nothing else makes sense. Take prayer and reference to God out of people's lives and this is what you get.