Sunday, September 12, 2010

Name this Saint

Let's see who knows this saint - leave your answers in the combox.

When visiting the Most Holy Sacrament, this saint, who was also a king, was so inflamed by the love and presence of Jesus, that it showed even externally, and to such a degree that the servant who accompanied him, when obliged to walk in the snow, trod in the footsteps of the saint, so as not to feel the cold of the snow.

Who is he?


Shirley said...

Wenceslaus- not sure I spelled that right.

Anonymous said...

I was going to same the same as Shirley.

I've been trying to figure out who are the two saints in your header. I'm guessing Sts Peter and Paul but I really do not know.

If you know I'd love to find out. It's great to see you back online.


mallys said...

Wenceslaus (Good King Wenceslaus went out...)

paramedicgirl said...

Elizabeth, one is Saint Augustine and the other is a more obscure saint, named William of Aquitane. I must confess, I have never heard of the latter saint. The picture is of the Coronation and was painted by Giovanni LANFRANCO in1616.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ParamedicGirl
I've never heard of St William of A, either. I'll have to look him up.

I bought St Augustine's Confessions awhile back and it is on my list of books to read.

I love it when you put these type of post up, but I like all your post. :-)