Friday, October 08, 2010

Canadian Tenors

Living right across from the high school certainly has its drawbacks. The street right outside our front yard is always littered with fast food garbage and cigarette packages. I would like to go outside at lunch hour one day when the derelicts are gathered in my driveway and hand them all garbage bags. (Then I suppose I would be just be known as the crazy lady who lives too close to the school!) Or worse, they would vandalize our vehicles. Oh, wait, that already happened. This morning, I noticed my passenger mirror was missing, so I checked my husband's truck, and sure enough, his driver side mirror was missing too. I found mine on the ground and re-installed it, but his was nowhere to be seen. It's probably in the bedroom of some teenage derelict who is using it to straighten her hair, apply her makeup or check her cleavage.

On another note, I hurt my back at work yesterday - not lifting a heavy patient, but cleaning the bathroom as per our regular duties for down time in between calls. I look like an old lady, walking with a hunch back, as I can't stand up straight yet. My teenage daughter actually laughed out loud when she saw my walking posture. Lots of ice, visits to my chiropractor, and some anti-inflammatories should have me upright in a few days.

The good thing about being home from work is I get to listen to my new Canadian Tenors CD, The Perfect Gift. For just $20, you can purchase yourself this amazing CD in time for Christmas. (Don`t I sound like an advertisement?) They do a beautiful rendition of Instrument of Peace, and their version of O Holy Night will knock your Santa socks right off your feet; there are many more. I highly recommend it to round out your Christmas music repertoire.

To listen to more from this album, here is the You Tube link. Now I really must go put ice on my back.


Fra Chris said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing...

Mary333 said...

This was beautiful. They kind of remind me of Il Divo which I listen to for the sheer beauty of their voices despite not understanding a word of what they're singing;) I'll have to pick this CD up.

I'm sorry that your back is bothering you, I'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

I got goose-bumps. Oh so nice. I'll have to add it to my Christmas list.


Michele said...

you made me laugh with the mirror comment. :D i doubt a girl has it. more likely a teenage boy using it in his cool dude room to comb his hair or something. girls wouldnt think that swiping a mirror is cool. but a guy would. perhapsm you should move your family to a safer neighborhood.. just a thought. kids steal things because either they are bored, or doing it to fit in, or have a drug habit, or what have you. it means their parents are not properly bringing them up in my opinion. either that, or their parents overlook their kids behavior or simply just dont know about it. could be any reason.

Karinann said...

I have heard these tenors before; thanks for sharing their beautiful music here.
Hope your back is better soon!