Monday, October 11, 2010


As you may know, I no longer have the privilege of attending the Traditional Latin Mass every Sunday, or the privilege of listening to the faith and morals sermons that are a part of it.

This past Sunday, the homily I heard blessed diversity, and the priest told us we should be thankful for diversity. Maybe I just didn't quite get his meaning. After all, the images I conjured up in my mind of diversity screamed acceptance of false religions, acceptance of homosexuality and its lifestyle, and acceptance of false doctrines like the ordination of womenpriests. He even ended the Mass by jokingly calling himself Sister___.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not what the politically correct call a homophobe. I believe that homosexuals and single people are bound together by the Church's declaration that they should live a chaste life. No sex outside of marriage. That seems like a pretty straightforward expectation for both groups.

Womynpriests in their polyester pantsuits will never, no matter how much they want it, be able to consecrate a host. I can't even understand why these womyn haven't gone away yet. Why are people still listening to them? Is it in the name of Diversity?

If I am to be thankful for diversity, I would think it means the blessing of having the Catholic faith spread to the four corners of the earth, so that the evangelization of all the nations, with people of every race and colour, will hear the Word of God and be saved. It means being thankful for so many peoples from around the world building up one nation under God. It means loving one another despite our differences, but it does not mean undermining our faith so as not to offend a false religion. After all, error has no rights - and this is according to none other than Saint Augustine.

I know. Colour me trad.


Michele said...

Jesus said, that the truth would be spread to all nations and then the end will come. the Word of God has been spread to the whole world. people of all nations, world wide have heard the Good News. this truth is taught by our faith. we are Christians of many colors and we all love Jesus Christ.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

If it's various people (nationalities, colors, ages, etc.) embracing the One Faith, I'm all for it, but if it's all these people embracing whatever the heck they feel like, what's the point? I've been to lib-town. I'm sticking with tradition now. :)

Shirley said...

Good grief. Sister? Was that at Christ the Servant or St. Mary's, I wonder if he does different homilies at each church. Time for a trad revolution in Cranbrook!

kam said...

I also went to the 'regular 'Mass this Sunday, and heard a Homily that, for me, had nothing to do with the Readings nor the Gospel. Small talk at the beginning and the end. When we started going to the Latin Mass, even though I remember it as a kid, it seemed so different and difficult after all these years away. Now, though, the onus has shifted the other way, and the Novus Ordo has become the Mass that leaves me wondering. Color me trad also. Great post. k

paramedicgirl said...

Kam, I miss the great sermons from my FSSP parish! Each one was intended to help us to heaven. There was no halfway measure when it came to delivering what we needed to hear. You are blessed to be able to attend a TLM.

Anne said...

When I think of diversity, I think of peoples of all faiths getting along and accepting the fact that we all worship the same God, I think of people of all races and cultures being kind to one another and learning from each other in an effort to understand and not judge. I don't think of women priests or homosexual marriage. I don't think that diversity means disobedience. I think that priest you speak of needs a dictionary.

ignorant redneck said...

I love diversity! Like, in an Urban parish, you can have people from the Philippines, India, Latin America, Korea, China Japan, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Crete, Italy, the Caribbean and plain old Anglos all praying together, in LATIN! :)

Not to mention, in the Catholic Church, we have 22 Sui Juris Churches, each constituting it's won liturgical and devotional traditions!

Of course, on a purely secular level--ThoseTShirts sell one that appeals to my gun loving, redneck self--It says "Celebrate Diversity", under pictures of abut 30 different models of firearm.

But i don't much care for uncritically accepting, sodomy, plural marriage, casual profanation of the Eucharist, Statist collectivism or such dreck... .