Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Menu

In this post from last year, I wrote about why Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays. Here is a little excerpt:

The Church, in her wisdom, commands Catholics to abstain from meat in order to control the desires of the flesh, to raise our minds more freely to God, and to make satisfaction for sin. We are to deny ourselves, not because meat is evil, but for the glory of God and the good of our souls. It is a good practice to meditate on the Passion of Christ when we are fasting or abstaining, so that we can best induce in ourselves a proper contrition for our sins. The Baltimore Catechism teaches that fast and abstinence are pleasing to God only when we also refrain from sin and engage in good works.

I try to keep Friday meals fairly simple, in keeping with the above. Tonight I am making something called Jerked Tofu, which I am hoping will please my vegetarian daughter. The recipe sounds really appealing. I am serving it with a simple fried rice, which is a mixture of fried brown rice and stir-fried shredded carrots, a little onion and some thawed green peas. Oh, yes, and some soy sauce mixed in. Very simple to prepare.

What do you make on Fridays? I'd be interested in hearing. Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies.


Nancy said...

Ny Friday cooking is pretty basic, since I usually to to my parish's Holy Hour at 5:30. If I'm working I go straight to church from work and don't get home until close to 7 pm. If I have the day off I'm usually running errands. Either way there isn't much inclination for spending a lot of time cooking so I lean towards perhaps an omelette with rice, a pasta of some kind, salad, or griling some fish. If I'm really in a hurry, I might just end up with a tuna sandwich.

I know it's not very fancy, but spending some quality time with Jesus is rather higher up the priority scale.

Molly said...

Tonight we just had breaded fish filets (from Trader Joe's) and a salad. That's pretty normal. My husband grew up eating spaghetti & tuna fish so I make that sometimes, it's actually pretty good. But most often we'll have broiled salmon & a salad.

If it were up to me Friday would be sushi night, but the hubs doesn't like it.

paramedicgirl said...

Molly, I have had spaghetti and tuna before. I actually liked it. Nancy, thanks for your input. It looks like we all try to keep Friday pretty simple when it comes to food.

If I ever make the jerked tofu again, I will marinate it first for a couple of hours before cooking. Better flavour that way; it turned out kind of mild.

Anne said...

Jerked tofu sounds great! Care to share the recipe?

paramedicgirl said...

Anne, If you click on the recipe name in the post, it will come up as a link

Anita Moore said...

Salmon fillet from Costco for me on Fridays. Or shrimp -- I buy a lot of their raw frozen shrimp. Salmon and shrimp are not penitential by any stretch of the imagination (at least for me); the real penance is not being able to reach for what is convenient on Friday, which is usually something involving meat.

ignorant redneck said...

Fridays are really variable in our house, depending on who's cooking! We do lots of basic pasta things, and Tuna Mac with peas is a standby.

I often will make something like Potato Kugel, or a soup.

I want to replace my lost copy of Recipies for a Small Planet"--it had things i could get the litle ones to eat that were meat free.

It is a part of the penance that the easy things are meat based. It also makes lunch and snacks harder.

Grits work for breakfast, though.

paramedicgirl said...

Redneck- I have Recipes for a Small Planet! Boy, that is an old book. You may be able to get it at a garage sale.

lms rep said...

The only thing I make on a Friday is a trip to the fish and chips shop.