Monday, November 08, 2010

Back Again!

The incredibly beautiful Kootenay Lake.

Hello everyone! I haven't disappeared from the blogging world; I have just been taking time off with my family. I know that I very seldom post anything personal or family related on my blog, but the reason I have been absent is that my husband works away from home, spending a lot of time in Eastern Canada. He is always back and forth between Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, so I decided to make the best of our family life these past few weeks and take a break from blogging so we could do things together as a family. (Yes, blogging really does take up that much time!)

I will be posting again this week though, as he returns to his hectic away-from-home schedule. I want to show you a few pictures I took since I posted last - these are pictures of our stay at the lake, which was all too short, in my opinion!

Our two dogs enjoying a boat ride

Enjoying a few moments of peace in Kaslo, the north end of Kootenay Lake where we always vacation.

My turn

Serene and peaceful, isn't it?


Adoro said...

Hey, I think I was there in a dream!


Love the dogs - no idea how my dog would handle a boat ride!

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Can I just say I'm really really envious? lol

Karinann said...

Welcome back. Glad you were able to enjoy some down time with your family. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Shirley said...

Does Sal bark in the boat like she does in the truck?
Those are beautiful photos; glad you had good weather for your time on the lake.

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, no, she doesn't bark at all in the boat. I think it kind of scares her.

Karinann and Adoro, thanks!

Paul said...

Now I have to go to confession out of jealousy! :-)

Michele said...

i always loved the lake, just not the depth of it :D that always scared me really bad. kootenay lake is really deep. i believe its 729 feet deep in certain places. i never liked going on the ferry because of the depth of the lake. i have no idea why iam scared of deep water, but i always have been.

paramedicgirl said...

Michele, it's actually 500 ft deep at its deepest. Deep water kinda scares me too for swimming, but it's cuz our brothers used to tell us that fish were gonna bite our toes!