Saturday, November 20, 2010

If you get EWTN won't want to miss this! I received this via email today, and copied the whole text with images, even including ordering information, to this post:

This week, join EWTN host Doug Keck and translator Susan Conroy in a discussion of the prophetic book that led St. Thérèse of Lisieux into the convent.

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Over a decade ago, Susan Conroy, one of Mother Teresa's helpers in Calcutta, embarked on a remarkable seven-year quest to find a copy of the book that (in her autobiography) St. Thérèse of Lisieux called "one of the greatest graces of my life": The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life.

Thérèse first read this book by Fr. Charles Arminjon in May of 1887, when she was only fourteen years old. She said that it "immersed her in a happiness not of this world." It gave her a "presentiment of what God reserves eternally for those who love Him."

It inspired her to love our Lord Jesus even more ardently --- to love Him, she said, "with passion."

Very shortly after reading this book, with her heart aflame with the desire to give everything to God, Thérèse requested and obtained her father's permission to enter the cloistered Carmelite Monastery in Lisieux.

Yet, mysteriously, soon after Thérèse entered the convent, Fr. Arminjon's book fell into obscurity. One hundred years after Thérèse read it, it took Susan Conroy almost a decade to find even one single copy!

But time had not diminished its force. Reading that French edition enkindled in Susan a spiritual fire akin to that experienced by Thérèse, and Susan devoted the next eleven years to getting it translated into English and finally published.

The End of the Present World
and the Mysteries of the Future Life
by Fr. Charles Arminjon.
336 pgs ppbk $17.95

End of the Present World

The End of the World:
The Signs that Will Precede and the Circumstances That Will Accompany It

The Persecution by the Antichrist and the Conversion of the Jews

The Resurrection of the Dead and the General Judgment

The Place of Immortal Life and the State of Glorified Bodies after the Resurrection


Eternal Punishment and the Unfortunate Destiny

Eternal Beatitude and the Supernatural Vision of God

Christian Sacrifice, the Means of Redemption

The Mystery of Suffering in its Relationship with the Future Life

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On EWTN this weekend and next week, Susan tells of her long quest and of this remarkable book, particularly those parts that enflamed Thérèse with a love of God that led her into the convent, and that, over a century later, drove Susan herself to find the book and make it available to modern readers.

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--- and St. Thérèse! ---
this week on EWTN:

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Michele said...

i adore saint therese. i do get ewtn. i will be watching! thanks for the posting times!

kam said...

Thanks for this update. This book has been on my must list for a few months now, but I can't start another book! Must finish what I've started! k

Anita Moore said...

I got that book, and I've almost finished it. It is an excellent book, and I have added it to my Victory Ultramontanist Reading List.

I don't know how accurate it is, however, to say that this is the book that led Therese to the convent. I think she knew she had a vocation long before she read it. In her autobiography, she says she wanted to give herself entirely to God since the age of three. Then, of course, there was the influence of her sisters who entered Carmel; and her conviction that she would die young also was a spur. But this book certainly cannot have hurt!

ignorant redneck said...

Thanks--it's now on the list!

Mary333 said...

I've been curious about this book, too. Thanks for letting me know about the discussion on EWTN. I hope to watch it Wednesday.