Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day Fun

I spent the better part of New Year's Day snowmobiling in deep powder, trail riding, and getting stuck in the deep snow. It was fun, even when I went over the handlebars more than once. I didn't get hurt, because I landed in deep powder. Snow makes a great cushion!

I got drawn into a conversation about the Catholic Church with one of the fellows in the party. He's of the mind that the Church needs to be more progressive, and should allow pre-marital sex, abortion and just about anything else that makes people feel better about religion and themselves. He said our Pope is doing nothing to move Catholicism forward to mainstream the Church into the modern views of society.

I find it interesting that as soon as someone knows I am a traditional Catholic, they challenge the teachings of the Church. Are they looking for discussion, or do they expect me to convert to their way of thinking? Maybe they just want me to hear them lambast the Church. Not that I mind at all. It's the best opportunity to evangelize. Maybe the seeds of truth can get planted this way.


Marilena said...

and you can have all that snow too! :)

paramedicgirl said...

Happy New Year, Marilena! I don't love all this snow either, but since we have so much this year, I'm glad I got to have some fun with it.

Marilena said...

as my daughter would say, come on mom, snow is fun!! ( errr yeah, surrre ) hee hee hee :) i heard your part of the world has the roads closed because of avalanches? does that effect your job as your a paramedic? do you guys have to go a different route? hope the snow lets up soon!

i want those long sunny days and great roads! ( especially since hubby traded in the car now! )

paramedicgirl said...

Yeah, we're closed in. There were avalanches all around us yesteday, so the Trans Canada Highway is closed east and west, but you can still escape to the south!! I drove it yesterday on ambulance, and it's pretty sketchy. Takes twice as long to get where we're going.

Adoro Te Devote said...

Funny thing about people who criticize the Church....although they may intend evil, God intends them for good. And God tends to win a lot.

In fact, he used the anti-Catholics in my life to drive me back to the Church. I didn't know my faith, but something told me that they were wrong, which led me to ask questions, find sources, and truly seek God.

There are great graces involved with being the focus of an attack against the Church.

Have fun snowmobiling. I'm not too far south of Minnesota, and this year our snow sports are suffering. I live here because I live for skiing, but with inconsistant temps going into the 40's, well, the skiing doesn't tend to be great.

How's the Canadian ski team this year? I usually see them on OLN when they show the Nor-Am circuit races, but it seems that's not being shown in my area anymore

paramedicgirl said...

You should make a trip here to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort if you love to ski. I don't ski at all. I know. I live in a ski town and the only time I go to the hill is to pick up the crashed skiers who need transport to the hospital. But it sure is fun to snowmobile!