Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Story of Exorcism - an Excerpt from Father Amorth's Book

I've been reading the books about exorcisms by Father Gabriele Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome, and it's quite remarkable that our Catholic bishops and priests place such little significance on the need for exorcists. These books should be required reading for every bishop. Here is a little excerpt from "More Stories"

In 1987, two prayerful priests, who were not exorcists, agreed to bless an eleven year old boy at the request of his parents, who were their parishioners. The boy was obedient, calm and amiable, he did not manifest any abnormal signs. While the relatives remained in the church to pray, the priests led him into the sacristy for the blessing. They no sooner began to recite some prayers when the boy began to scream and lash out, spitting drool, blaspheming and yelling threats.

For two hours, the priests continued to bless him, using anything they thought might be helpful: signs of the cross, blessing with holy water, lighting blessed candles and burning incense. All the while, the small demoniac was lashing out with great fury. After two hours, they decided to stop.

Fifteen days later, the parents brought the boy back to church. This time, he was nervous, and as soon as the priests began to pay, he went into a rage, which grew in intensity when they asked for the intercession of Our Lady, Saint Francis, Saint Benedict, (the patron of their parish) and Saint Michael the Archangel. Throughout the second session, one of the priests kept tracing the sign of the cross with a great Crucifix, and the demon became more and more furious; it was obvious he was about to give in. In fact, he started to cry out for help, invoking the names of other demons, particularly Lucifer and all the damned, with no visible success.

Suddenly, he cried out, "Oh, no! Not Our Lady! No, not the white bird! He is most powerful!" Then the boy fell down on the ground, exhausted. There followed absolute silence. It was over. The boy is now in excellent health and attends Mass regularly.

Interesting reads, these two books. I recommend buying them to read and then lending them to your priests.

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