Sunday, January 07, 2007

What We Have Lost... and the Road to Restoration

Hat Tip to AVE MARIA This video gives you an intimate, up-close look at the destructive and wide-spread changes that have taken place in the two-thousand-year-old Catholic Church since the close of the Second Vatican Council in 1965.

Much of what you see will surprise you, maybe even shock you, and -- unfortunately -- will sadden you. "What We Have Lost" not ony exposes the external damage that has been done to the Universal Church, but goes deep behind the scenes to reveal the hidden changes; how and when they were made; and who made them.

This video asks the hard questions: Is the Church still Catholic? Has She lost the true faith? Does the clergy still truly "believe?" Can we count on today's Church to lead us to salvation? The answers found in "What We Have Lost" may bring you to anger -- or to tears. But after you see it, you will never look at the "modern" Church in the same way again.

And "What We Have Lost" is about hope. Hope in Jesus Christ and His one true Church on earth. Plus it's about the restoration of the traditional Latin Mass and the "Faith of our Fathers;" and it documents the groundswell of traditionalism within the Church, and how you can be a part of it...on the "Road to Restoration."


Michael Leggett said...

The Church has been PROFANED unto the point of this institution, being unrecognisible:

I recall on a Sunday, in my old Parish in Brooklyn, NY, that there were 9 Masses, all of them "The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass";

There was a 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM(Children'Mass), 9AM for The Adults; two 10AM Masses, a Solemn High 11AM Mass & the Last Mass at 12N, all were crowded & all were in Latin. In that same Brooklyn Parish of my youth, almost 40 Years later, there's a 5PM Saturday Vigil Mass, an 8:30AM Sunday Mass in English(NO), 10AM NO Mass in Spanish & a 12N NO Mass, NO meaning Novus Ordo;

At that 5PM NO Mass, I noticed that there were ONLY 30 People there, a FAR cry from 40 Years ago. In a Mass(NO) for the Elementary School Reunion, in 2003, I had noticed that The Tabernacle had been moved to a side, in an area once the home of many pews. It was quite ODD to say the least. However, the Crusifix still maintained The Suffering Christ;

Amazingly, I had learned that in the Anglican Celebration of The Eucharist, "Per Multis" has been maintained in the Book of Common Prayer. Luther, Cranmer, Zwingli & John Knox have a definite influence on Today's Church, which may just be Catholic In Name Only;

Have we become a bunch of Lutherans?

I can remember about 10 years ago when I was the Grand Knight of a Knights Of Columbus Council in Queens, listening to an 8th Grade Teacher, bragging about her charges being filled with the Faith, to which I wondered "Which One". Asking a question about the Corporeal Real Presence" of The Christ In The Eucharist, found me doing a physical demonstration of The Consecration, to get an answer as to what happened. & this is a CATHOLIC School, yet. I just wanted to scream. However, I did end up reciting the Mass Schedules for 4 Parishes so that these little darlings won't find an excuse to miss Sunday Mass;

Rock Concerts & Dances at Mass-what next! Ganjaa to honour Rastafarians?

Thank God That you have a link to The Gregorian Chants. While I write a Baseball Blog, called Random Fandom Red Sox NYC, on Blogspot, I was going to use the "Celtic Alleluia", as background music, but since a buddy of mine, somewhat intoxicated at a NY Mets Game some years back, used that Chant as a 7th Inning Stretch Song
, I believe that the Gregorian Chant will take its' place;

In December, 06, I have a TOP 10 List(Letterman-Style), called "Top 10 Signs That You're At A Badly Done Novus Ordo Mass";

I think that you'll get a kick out of it;

Let Me know & Thanks!

Deo Gratias!


Michael Leggett said...

The Offertory Prayer of the NO, reflects CAIN's Sacrifice;

What next? Molson Golden Ale in place of wine?

Michael Leggett said...

What Next? Msgr Don Kirschner's Rock Mass Concert?

paramedicgirl said...

Michael, sadly, I guess anything goes, as long as the Church is open to the interpretation of the modernists. Thank God for Pope Benedict XVI!

Dr. Bombay said...

Yes, it made me weep.

Pity they had to drag out the old "Quo Primum" canard. Popes can't bind their successors on disciplinary matters. Sad, but true.

Other than that, it almost makes a person want to despair. But, instead, I'll just go vomit in a trash can. 'Scuse me.

Karin said...

Thank you for sharing this with us..I feel sick after watching this video...but it is something that ALL Catholics should be made to see!

Anonymous said...

At my Sunday Novus Ordo Mass there was a lady reading a newspaper, I kid you not, reading a newspaper after the Gospel and during the consecration. Our Parish is so spiritually dead it's almost painful attending...

Please Please... Where is the TLM already? I'm 29 and have known nothing but Vatican II, but I honestly believe our Parish needs more orthodoxy. We have a beautiful nearly 80 year old parish that had the altar rails ripped out, side altars removed, instead of a prominent crucifix there is a risen Christ with no cross. My Pastor is a great guy, but I've heard him tell in a homily that divorce is bad, but God doesn't expect perfection that's why the Church has a means to be divorced and reconcile yourself with the church, essentially teaching divorce and remarriage is O.K.

As a product of Vatican II, I can say that I attended CCD, received my First Holy Communion, was confirmed etc... And I was NEVER taught once about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Out of all my friends and family that are Vatican II children I am the only one to turn back to my Catholic faith passionately, the rest more than 30 Catholics are all Palm's and ashes Catholics or atheists, with a smattering of nerborns in the mix. I can only thank God for never leaving me and leading me back to truth in spite of the poor examples of Catholic faith I received growing up.

Anonymous said...

This video makes me ill. Basically it is saying that the Holy Spirit left His Church. Apparently, man can change and do whatever he wants, and the Holy Spirit stopped leading the Church after VII? Not quite.

The Holy Spirit is with the Church. I trust Jesus Christ, and he promised to always be with His bride the Church. So event thought the Church is in time, and moving through time, we can have faith that it is always connected to God. This video infers otherwise, and I think that is heretical, and misleading to new Catholics.

Matthew said...

I saw this video about 2 years ago and it was instrumental in making me into the Traditional Catholic that I am today.