Monday, February 26, 2007

Back to Tradition in Conneticut: Boys Only to Serve at the Altar

A parish in Connecticut is on the right track with its example of allowing only boys to serve at the altar. A program for girls called Handmaids of the Altar was implemented, which trains them to help with the sacristy, create baptism robes and sew altar linens. Not surprisingly, some parents have complained, calling the program "sexist."

Christine Schenk, director of FutureChurch, a national coalition of parish-based Catholics that advocates opening ordination to women and married people, called the move misguided and the program sexist.

"I think to deny a young woman the opportunity, the privilege of serving at the altar is basically to send a message that you're not as good as the boy," she said, adding that the change "damages little girls."

Schenk agrees with Markey that boys and girls should be able to join separate clubs. "But why does it have to be altar servers?" she asked. "There are a number of ways that need could be met. I don't know why we have to build up boys at the expense of girls."

Many others, though give their support to the priest, with both parents and girls welcoming the change. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the beginning of a trend.


Anita Moore said...

What is it that damages little girls: not letting them be altar girls, or a bunch of feminist sourpusses telling them how damaged they are?

Frankly, the girls I see serving on the altar look undignified.

Anonymous said...

If these parents that are complaining understood the priest represents Christ and the laity is His Bride and Catholic marriage is only to be between one man to one woman then maybe they'd start to see that girls playing priest just doesn't make theological sense.

Also, as soon as girls start doing something then boys don't want to do it anymore. Check out any average parish - the women normally outnumber the men.

If boys said they wanted to bear babies like girls do what are the femiNUTS going to do then? It's biologically impossible just as it's biologically impossible for a woman to be a priest.

Michael Leggett said...

Altar Girls CAN aspire to be Priests:

Just look at how crazy Anglicanism is now.

paramedicgirl said...

Not in our world, Michael. Thank God the feminazis can't force God's hand to bend to their will. doesn't stop them from trying, though.

Simon-Peter said...

She's a bona fide material and formal heretic and she knows it.


Michael Leggett said...

Certainly Not in the Catholic World, as She's The Bride Of Christ & The True Church.