Sunday, April 15, 2007

Prayer Request

Update April 18:
Please keep praying for Abbé Thibault Tantin; his condition is still critical.

From an email I just received:


Please pray for Abbé Thibault Tantin, deacon of the Institute of Christ the King working in the Mission of Mayumba, Gabon (French Africa). He was in a very serious car accident with his father on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 15, 2007. He is in a coma and his condition is very critical; his father's less critical. Your urgent prayers for Abbé Tantin, and his father, are deeply appreciated.

God reward you.


Marilena said...

i pray for him, and his father. as well as the souls of the 32 who died today at virginia tech school by a madman who walked into a dorm and masssacered these people. i also pray for the 15 he wounded, and the 3 that are critical. i dont know why this old world needs to be violent:( satan is running amock and causing as much woe as he can before Christ returns, and that may well be shortly. we do not know. i pray for all the families too that have been affected by the massacre. i also pray for the souls of those who died that they are resting in the arms of Jesus. may God have mercy on the soul of the murderer. may God comfort the families of the deceased and wounded. i also pray for the family of the murderer.

bill bannon said...

Praying right after this post.