Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bishop Fellay on Ascension Day and Limbo

Here are five more videos from the SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay taken during his sermon on Ascension Day, May 17, at St Thomas Beckett Catholic Church. Now there's a sermon that is really inspiring! He speaks about the hope of heaven. It's no wonder the SSPX attracts so many traditional Catholics. His talk on Limbo may surprise you. It's worth listening to.

Video 2 Ascension Day

Video 3 Ascension Day

On Limbo 4

On Limbo 5


Lynne said...

Referring back to the other Fellay videos, this is why it's taking so long for the Motu Proprio to come out...he (Pope Benedict) is having to move his troops around to defend it once it's announced.

Keep praying for him and it.

I like Fellay. He makes more sense than many bishops and cardinals...

Feathered Friends said...

bishop fellay is a very holy man