Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just Stating the Obvious Truth

"It is notable that rationality is found in the Catholic Church, while secularists, the 'Children of the Enlightenment,' are increasingly incoherent and tawdry (“Keep your rosaries off my ovaries”). In the months and years ahead I suspect that we will all come to value (and need) the counsel of the Catholic Church on matters literally existential."

-words spoken by Episcopalian Tom Nolan as he contemplates his reaction to his daughter's decision to carry a baby with a rare and absolutely fatal condition to full term.


Kathy said...

Paramedicgirl, I too had a baby with anencephally.
I of course did not believe in abortion either.
(I am a practicing Catholic- in Australia)
It was extremely hard when the Doctor said to me that my baby would die!!!.
I found out with a routine ultrasound at 16 weeks.

I did not know how I would cope, so I did the only thing I knew I could do, I prayed to Our Lady for a cure, but if it was not the will of God, then the strength to carry this sorrowful cross.

A couple of weeks after this sad news, I was driving to mass one Sunday Morning, when all of a sudden I knew why I had been given this very special gift.
I started to cry and cry at this sudden realization.

Here was my chance to prove my love for Jesus, by suffering and accepting his will.

After this episode, a great peace came over me.

People said that I was an inspiration. Many could not understand how I could be so calm and seemingly happy.
But that was not my doing.As I told everyone.
God gave me the grace to endure my
He did this not only for my sake but as an example for many..

I still worried about how I would carry my baby to full term, and the subsequent birth. I had moments when I was extremely frightened, but I kept this between my husband and myself, and kept on praying.

At 26 weeks my waters broke, and shortly after little Mary Rose was born(stillborn)She was baptised immediately, and dressed in a beautiful little outfit with a bonnet, by the nurse.She had the bluest eyes that I have ever seen.
We had a private funeral for our little girl who went straight to heaven.

My husband composed this prayer which we have said every day for the past 8 years.

We pray with love to you Mary Rose

Your life on Earth was not meant to be

But you left us with a love and a
strength that is everlasting

Please watch over your family

Keep us safe

Sustain our love of God

Guide us in our day to day trials

Help us to attain a place in heaven
so that we may be reunited with you when our time comes.

We love you Mary Rose.............

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Kathy. Your faith is an inspiration!
God bless.