Tuesday, June 19, 2007

# 1 Wish in Canada

The race is on between pro life and pro choice proponents for the first place spot in the "Great Canadian Wish List," a Face Book contest that calls on Canadians to post their wishes for Canada’s 140th birthday. It will announce the winning wish on July 1, Canada Day.

As of June 18, the leading wish for Canadians is to “Abolish Abortion in Canada” which had more than 4,200 votes, with “I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice” in second place, almost 1,000 votes behind early in the day but steadily gaining as the day went on.

Naturally, the pro choice advocates are recruiting people to post their wishes that abortion is available to all. If you have access to Face book, register your vote for the Pro Life side. You can even use my Canadian address! ( Just kidding!) Well, maybe not!

Edit - from the comments section, Suzanne left these instructions for voting for the Pro Life side in the Great Canadian Wish contest.

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SUZANNE said...

If you want to participate Find instructions here.

Don't create another wish.

Thanks for posting.

We need all the votes we can get. Email all your friends.