Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Protecting children from religion?

If the United Nations has their way with this one, religious education of children will be mandated as child abuse. My bet is that Canada will be the first country to implement it as law.


Benedicat said...

How evil is this!

Michael J. Bayly said...

No where in the article does it say that the UN supports and/or will ever endorse the idea of religious education being a form of child abuse.

The "UN forum" is only being "proposed," and if the UN is ever ask to "take a clear stand on the forced involvement of children in religious practices," do you really think that the organization will support it?

You're being an alarmist, and clearly have no qualms in employing misinformation and fear to garner support for your cause.

I wish you peace.


paramedicgirl said...

Yes Michael, I do believe the godless UN will give this proposal serious consideration.

If that makes me an alarmist so be it. At least I'm not a heretic or an atheist.

"The Center for Inquiry, an organisation recently awarded special consultative status as an NGO at the United Nations (UN) will consider the proposals of Innaiah Narisetti, the chairman of the Center for Inquiry's India chapter, that portend the next stage in the assault on the rights of parents to educate their children."

318@NICE said...

I wouldn't worry about Michael, consider the source. He believes that one can live in mortal sin (homosexuality) and still go to heaven.
So he wouldn't be alarmed about anything evil.


paramedicgirl said...

Thanks, Dave, I have visited and left comments on Michael's heretical "catholic" blog before. That's how Winnipeg catholic and I started on our battles.

Anita Moore said...

Reason no. 123,577,456,345 to cut the U.N. loose. What else can one expect from an organization, one of whose founding members was the officially atheist Soviet Union?

Terry Nelson said...

Wow! I visited Bayly's blog - he is heretical! It is definitely not Catholic - are people really so deluded that they think they are still Catholic when they produce that kind of BS? No wonder people get so hostile after reading that crap.

Karin said...

are people really so deluded that they think they are still Catholic when they produce that kind of BS?

Simply, YES.
I am sure that they have some kind of rationalization (in their own minds that is) to justify their heretical ways!

Jeffrey Smith said...

I don't believe any of the items in Mr. Bayly's blog, but in this case, he's absolutely right. There isn't a word in the article that gives the slightest indication of UN approval. In fact, there's not the slightest possibility the UN would vote for such a thing.

paramedicgirl said...

But Jeffrey, they are considering it, through an organization that the UN gave special consultative status to. And that is enough to set off the alarm bells.