Sunday, June 24, 2007


The Holy Family is trying to decide where to go on vacation.
St. Joseph: "Hmm, I 'd kind of like to go back to Jerusalem."
Jesus: "What? I don't think so, do you remember what happened last time I was there?"
Mary: "How about Egypt?"
St. Joseph: "No way."
Jesus: "I know, what about Medjugorje?"
Mary: "Oooh yeah, I've never been there!"


K said...

Touche'! ;)

Terry Nelson said...

You're silleeeeeeeee!

It is funny.

Anonymous said...

I sent that one to my priest - I know he will love it.

Angela M.

Feathered Friends said...

The church has not approved the apparitions of medjugorge, and until it does, i don't say any prayers at all related to medjugorge.

Michael Leggett said...

Humour In Truth Is Beauty

Anonymous said...

a smile for the day!