Monday, June 25, 2007

Question for ladies

Do you cover your head for Mass? If so, why? If not, why not?


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Yes, I do. Most of the time, I have my veil in my purse and I do cover my head, because it feels right to me. The last few weeks, since I changed purses, I keep forgetting it.

I prefer to cover my head, but I am not perturbed if I can't.

Feathered Friends said...

i cover my head at Mass because it is humble and is pleasing to our Lord.

Anita Moore said...

I recently acquired a couple of chapel veils (one large white one, plus a small black one for choir duty) and started wearing them to Mass, adoration and confession for the following reasons:

1. The feminists don't want me to cover my head. Yep, that right there makes me want to cover my head.

2. I'm not certain we still have a canonical requirement to cover our heads (I know canonist Ed Peters says not), but I do believe it qualifies as an immemorial custom.

3. Every time I put on the veil before Mass, I am asking Our Lady to help me to receive her Son in Communion as she would.

4. Women are degraded in this society, and we bear a lot of the blame. This is just a very small way of trying to make up for the disobedience and lack of self-respect that has brought us so much misery.

5. Our Lady looks pretty good in a veil!

paramedicgirl said...

I love your rationale, Anita!

I wear a mantilla to the TLM, but not to the NO Mass I've been going to for eleven years. I think it would be an occasion of sin for others, 'cause they might think I am trying to suddenly be holier than they are. Or something like that. As soon as I move to a new city, (soon I hope) I will wear a headcovering to all Masses I go to, even the NO. Also, I plan on kneeling for Communion at my next new Church if it's an NO.

Adoro te Devote said...

Yes, I usually cover my head for Mass. And I do attend an NO parish, have never been to a Tridentine Mass.

I wear it because:

* It's a reminder I'm in a holy place and helps to keep me focused on WHO we are there to see and worship. And it ain't the person sitting next to me.

* It is an exercise in humility; I have to suppress thoughts of what others might think, but their thoughts don't's a personal devotion and if it's not the veil that people judge, it's something else, so I just try to forget the "what would people think" thing which is hard to do.

* We are called to be like the Blessed Mother, and she was veiled.

* The tabernacle is veiled...I believe it is currently veiled on the inside, but in the past they often veiled it from the outside. I can't remember the specifics.

* When Moses entered the Cloud of Glory and saw God's face, he was veiled. Who are we, who are in the very presence of God, NOT to be veiled? Moses veiled not only as a form of protection from God's glory, which would have blinded him, but out of respect.

* I believe it has always been a practice of the Jews to pray with their heads covered; as the Catholic Church is the fulfillment of the Jewish religion, I see nowhere where, theologically, a head covering would be done away with, especially for women.

* Veiling has to do with dignity and humility in God's presence, a recognition not only of who God is, but who we are and the inherent dignity we posesses as daughters of God.

* Vatican II never did away with the veil. (My pet peeve about all the things ascribed to V2 which are not in the documents or discussions).

* When women enter the presence of the Pope, they are veiled as this is customary and respectful. How much greater than the Pope is Jesus Christ himself?????? Basic logic here.

* Certain countries require women to veil all the time, adn they have a different religion. Yet, in our culture, we won't even veil voluntarily even as we proclaim to believe that we enter into the True Presence of Jesus Christ. Besides hitting the floor face down in gratitude, I can't think of any better reason to veil other than the fact we are in the presence of CHRIST!

I'm just going to stop there...

Karin said...

I do wear a head covering to Mass, though I must admit this is just something that I have just taken to doing. But let me also clarify that I also cover my head outside of mass (also a recent thing).

Dymphna said...

I do. I wear mine to the Novus Ordo and to the Tridentine. I veil because Jesus deserves my full respect shown in gestures, posture and dress.

jim klasz said...

What a terrible question!They all do they're Ladies!You should have phrased it a question for the women.

Anonymous said...

I started wearing a veil to Mass and any time I will be in the Sanctuary (Stations of the Cross, for example). It is something I wanted to do for many years before I finally did it for real.
I do so for all the reasons others have stated! And, a lovely bonus, my young dd's asked for their own veils shortly after I started wearing mine. My 6yo, 5yo, and even the 3yo all love to wear the veils I bought for them. The 15yo is stuck in a 'what will my friends think' phase but what 15yo isn't in that phase?
The newborn... well, she is usually veiled by whatever blanket I have draped across her as she nurses!