Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Memed! Things that don't bother me

Julie over at Happy Catholic tagged me in a meme, to tell about

Things that (or People who) don't bother me:

Here's my list of things I can tolerate that might be bothersome to others:

  • lousy drivers (I'll stop and scrape you off the road when you crash)
  • people who don't wear bike helmets ( If you fracture your skull, I'll help you out)
  • repetitive questions from old ladies who walk by my house every day
  • people who talk on cell phones in restaurants
  • people who stop in the middle of the road to gawk at wild animals ( I just turn the sirens on to get their attention - it's kinda fun!)
  • going without food or sleep
  • people who arrive early
  • getting up early
  • rainy days
  • storms
  • dogs, even if they are loose
  • television sports (I'm good at ignoring the TV)
  • noisy kids, even in Mass
  • dumb questions, especially from tourists
  • people who think I am an ambulance driver
  • visits from JW's
  • washing windows
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • answering memes
I tag Anita over at V for Victory and Angela Messenger, and Karin at Wife and Mom of Two, Father Joe, and Father Gonzales at Overheard in the Sacristy.

Just for fun, I also want to tag Father Tim over at the liberal dissenter blog Spirit of Vatican II.


Anita Moore said...

Very good, I'll play! But your link to me doesn't actually link to me. :)

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks Anita! I fixed it now. That's what happens when I don't get enough sleep, I guess!

Marilena said...

here is a list of things that irritate me that i can tolerate for a while:

constant talking

people who lick their fingers after they eat

dripping water

semi loud music


impatient people in line ups


what i don't like:

excessively loud music

bad manners
chewing with the mouth open,
slurping through straws

noisy people

fighting - scares me really bad

smelling pot coming from the neighbors window when you open your door

barking dogs

cell phone drivers

screaming people on the bus

arrogant people





bad body odor

tacky clothing worn to Mass

people who talk on cell phones during Mass

liturgical dancers

lack of reverence at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

trashy clothing worn at Mass

hand clapping and hand holding at Mass

thunderstorms with loud thunder and alot of lightening scares the heck right out of me

Marilena said...

does a list of things you do like count? here's my list!

long skirts and long sleeved blouses and sweaters

head coverings

Gregorian Chant

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

sunny days in the fall

autumn leaves

Christmas and easter

Ash Wednesday

horses dogs, cats birds

my family


dark purple





a good running pc


my rosary prayers


world peace





sparkling cider non alcoholic

Karin said...

I see I have been tagged...no worry I am working on my list as there is much that bothers me but I can not tolerate...my list may end up being rather "short"

Marilena said...

i haven't been tagged:)

Karin said...

Here ya go...I do warn you, my list is S-H-O-R-T