Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Road to Sainthood

From A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, here's an excellent post on What Makes a Saint.

Here are a few of the maxims A Catholic Mom presents:

1. No matter what happens, try to let no displeasure appear.

2. If possible, attend daily Mass and secure God's blessing on your work.

3. Bear daily annoyances in a spirit of resignation in your imitation of the Mother of Sorrows.

4. You are aching to tell a bit of news. Wait an hour; it will keep.

5. Are you in a bad humor? Laugh if possible.

Go to her blog to read the rest!


AquinaSavio: said...

I like that!

(And I miss the "thumbsup" smiley from CAF!)

Esther said...

Thank you for the link.