Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heaven help us!

Tony Blair wants to become a Catholic deacon? I wonder what Simon Peter would say about this?


Julie D. said...

Off topic, but you've been tagged!

Feathered Friends said...


Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Yes, after about 10 years of penance for his outrageously anti-Catholic behaviour as Prime Minister...

"I am thinking about becoming a Catholic, and whilst I am thinking about it, I'll behave in a manner contrary to the Catholic faith..."

What were those stories about him continuing to receive communion in Italy whilst on holiday with his wife? Because he couldn't find an anglican Church? Oh, so THATS alright then LOL. Madness, ecumeniacal madness.

Who is surprised? Of course being a nobody in the pew is just not good enough for him. Exactly WHAT qualifications, i.e. tested in holiness, does he thinks he offers?

NONE! Unless one is a novus ordo bumpkin obsessed with personality.

The man is a total fraud from the toe-cheese up.

In fact, I'd rather ordain some toe-cheese.