Monday, June 11, 2007

Too much dialogue, not enough conversion

You know ecumenism and interreligious dialogue have gone too far when heretics are dancing to their god in Vatican palaces for cardinals. Oh well, at least it didn't take place in a Catholic church in front of the Tabernacle.

Still though, can't we just go back to converting the heretics?

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Rob said...

I'm increasingly convinced that the impetus to dialogue has been misunderstood from the start. There are "groups" that merit dialogue. We have been in an on-again/off-again dialogue with the Orthodox for more than a thousand years. There is something to be gained by it, even if I think the chances of "unity" in this world are virtually nil. High Church Anglicans also represent a group with which we can make progress in discussions and save souls. On occasions in the past entire bodies of believers from these two "branches" of Christianity have come into full communion with Rome.

But it is silly to have "dialogue", at an upper echelon level, with Baptists, Muslims, Jews, etc.

One can have valuable dialogue with individuals from any call in life, but what is the point of dialogue with Muslims as a group? Does anyone think they are going to convince the entire body of Muslims to come into the Church? If the answer is no, why are we "talking" to them?

Dialogue was not meant for the Wiccans or anyone that isn't in the apostolic succession. Anyone outside that qualification simply needs to convert.