Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Comments and the Cardinal

Cardinal Sean O'Malley's blog must have a policy to stop publishing comments when they reach the magical number of 31. That's the only way to explain why all the traditional Catholics are having their comments in support of the Traditional Latin Mass deleted.

In His Eminence's post on "Attending Meetings in Rome" which has been highly publicized on other blogs, the Cardinal says, "In my comments at the meeting I told my brother bishops that in the United States the number of people who participate in the Latin Mass even with permission is very low... This issue of the Latin Mass is not urgent for our country, however I think they wanted us to be part of the conversation so that we would be able to understand what the situation is in countries where the numbers are very significant."

This blog post of the Cardinal's has upset a good many traditional Catholics, and many have submitted comments to his blog in support of the Traditional Mass. But the comments keep getting deleted. I submitted my own comment, which has subsequently been deleted. All the comments I saw prior to being deleted were respectful, honest and in good taste. But they all supported a greater availability of the TLM.

In all fairness, maybe there is a comment quota for the good Cardinal's blog. Or maybe there is a software glitch. Or maybe, just maybe, there is too much support being shown for a Mass that Cardinal Sean O'Malley said is in poor demand from the laity.


Lynne said...

Interesting theories.

Software glitch, well, I did hear that their server crashed because of all the hits it was getting (due to non-interest in the TLM).

Nope, not buying it. Why would there be a limit on comments?

My comments stayed up for a day or two before they were deleted. I merely mentioned that my choice for a traditional Mass was the new TLM church, 26 miles away or the SSPX chapel which is even further...

These rubes, if they're so concerned about what people say, why don't they turn on moderation?

The comments that were deleted were NOT rude...

Can you tell, I'm still steamed?

Unitas said...

There's no reason why there would be a post limit at 31. They're getting deleted.

"Move along...Nothing to see here.."

Well the good Cardinal can do as he pleases with his blog, but someone's bound to trip on the growing pile of dust under the carpet.

Anita Moore said...

How would he KNOW there's no demand for the Tridentine Mass in a country where it's so hard to find one? I'd have to travel 300 miles to attend an indult Mass in my diocese!

Terry Nelson said...

This is puzzling to me. I would most definitely leave the comments up. (I'm a comment junkie.) Perhaps we may hope he will do a post saying he was mistaken, and cite the amount of comments in favor of the TLM as proof. Now that would be just.

Everyone should keep linking about this to his post/blog, so the Cardinal and his handlers can see they are found out. I'm sure his office, like anyone else in a position of power, have their feelers out for who is writing about them.

Michael Leggett said...

Take Sean to the top of Fenway Park's Green Monster & hold by his thumbs:

It'll knock some sense into him;

Boy, will it!


Michael Leggett said...

& I weigh in on the Motu, on my blog.