Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is art?

Homosexuals mocked the Pope in Italy, calling it art when they included a controversial sculpture of the Vicar of Christ dressed in a blond bob wig wearing nothing but a stole, a pair of panties and thigh-high stockings and bearing the title of "Miss Kitty."

Protests and the threat of lawsuits from the Catholic Anti-Defamation League were successful in removing the sculpture and delaying the opening of the art show. The catalogues had to be reprinted to remove the offending picture of the sculpture, but a high ranking cultural official from Milan did purchase the offending piece. Now, does anyone have a sledgehammer?


AquinaSavio: said...

Can I help? :P

jim klasz said...

As my middle son would say "Isn't that so Gay !"

Carolina Cannonball said...

Hey. I was Miss Kitty first!