Sunday, September 16, 2007

Better than coffee!

Shamelessly ripped from the pages of Adam's Ale. Don't you just love it?


Karin said... it!!!

paramedicgirl said...

Karin, that was fast! I barely hit the submit key, and there you were.

Earlier tonight a funny thing happened. I was on Units' blog, Altare Dei, leaving a comment, and he was on mine leaving a comment at the very same time! Neat eh? (That's Canadian for huh)

Karin said...

It is funny how that works.
Some blogs I frequent often, to check for new posts or new comments, guess what have one of those blogs :)

Unitas said...

"eh? (That's Canadian for huh)"

Haha, that's my favorite part!

Canadian's easier than Autralian, though. Sometimes I have to read into the context of Marty's posts to get exactly what he means.

I remember the first time he responded with "beer". I thought to myself, "Uhh.. Yes, please?"

At least us Aussies, Canucks, Limeys and Yanks can understand each other most of the time, right? :)

Divine Mercy said...

yup! i do love it!

AquinaSavio: said...

I think Fr. Z designed those for all of us in support of Summorum Pontificum. When I found the graphic on his blog, I thought it was so funny and added it to my blog! ROFL