Sunday, September 09, 2007

How long do you fast prior to receiving the Holy Eucharist?

For Catholics - which Eucharistic fast do you keep?
I keep the currently required 1 hour Eucharistic fast
I keep the three hour Eucharistic fast
I fast from midnight the night before receiving Holy Communion
Hello! Fasting went out with the Second Vatican Council!
I am absolved from the Eucharistic fast, due to medical reasons

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Karin said...

I picked the first one but in all actuality I fast for about 2.5 hours before Mass.
You need another option on the poll :)

Lynne said...

I go to the 7:30 am Mass though... I couldn't do that if I attended the only TLM here in Boston because it's at noon...I'd faint!

There have been times I didn't keep the one-hour fast, so I didn't receive Holy Communion at that Mass.

Divine Mercy said...

i fast 1 hour before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. why? because if i do it for too long, i get really sick and dizzy. i do keep the 1 hour fast though!

Christina said...

Give that much more to the Lord, go to the 5pm mass every day AND keep the fast from midnight the night before!

hmm...maybe I'm not a saint yet, I can't quite manage that one.

paramedicgirl said...

Christina, wow that would be hard!! If I have a morning Mass I fast from midnight the night before, but if it's a afternoon Mass, I follow the Baltimore Catechism and fast for three hours prior to receiving.

I really don't feel I'm making any kind of sacrifice by committing to the 1 hour fast.

Christina said...

Yea, I can't manage that one. I strictly observe the 1 hour fast, but in general I don't eat for several hours before mass.

AquinaSavio: said...

I fast from midnight...unless, as you said, it's an evening Mass.