Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween fun

If you want to scare the kids this Halloween, try dressing up as a zombie, and sit outside on your porch with a bowl full of chocolate bars. You have to keep very still, so that people can't tell if you are real or not. I did it a few years ago, and not one child was brave enough to help themselves to the chocolate bars that I held in my lap. Parents kept shining their flashlights in my face, and only one dad was able to tell that I was actually a real person! For the zombie effect, this is what you do:

Save your eggshells up and crush them in the blender. Take a mixture of flour and water (to make a glue) and mix in the eggshells. Put Vaseline on your face and hands, (otherwise they will dry out badly) then coat them with the eggshell mixture. It looks hideous and scares the daylights out of everyone who sees you! What fun!!! It's especially effective if you get some creepy music, and decorate your porch with all kinds of cobwebs and spiders etc, but you have to keep very still to pull it off. Then, when the kids are least expecting it, you can move or make a groaning noise to make their hair stand on end and give them a dose of Halloween fun!


Divine Mercy said...

no thanks! i'd probably scare myself if i saw myself in a mirror!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You know, it is refreshing to see a faithful, traditional, Catholic not totally abandoning this part of our heritage. I get pretty tired of being told that it is distressing that I allow my children to participate in Halloween activities. There IS a way to do it that is still edifying to our Lord. I have two costumes to make, per child, each year: one for Halloween and another for All Saints'... but it is oh, so worth it!
Thanks for the laugh

Adoro te Devote said...

Thank you so much for this post!

I LOVE Halloween. I love to dress up in a costume, and over the years I've had fun being a gypsy, a dead person (not really a zombie), etc.

A few years ago I was the dead person. It helped that I had taken an EMT class the previous spring. That REALLY helped me do my makeup. One of my friends was an ME's assistant and gave me his full approval. :-)

Now I tend to dress very conservatively. Last year I just dressed in scrubs, carried a stethoscpe and BP cuff, the year before I was a dead hockey player. (It was last-minute).

This year I'll be St. Therese of Lisieux. I've got a round face and can make this work pretty easily.

She's a lot cuter than I'll ever be, though.