Sunday, October 28, 2007

Helping hands

If you would like to help out a young man who is discerning a vocation to the priesthood, check out this post at Per Te Sancta Maria. AquinaSavio, (his blogging name) is applying to the FSSP seminary in Nebraska, and several of his friends, myself included, encouraged him to place a PayPal button on his blog to help him with the expenses he is facing for a pilgrimage to World Youth Day and seminary expenses. I challenge all my blogging buddies and readers to make a donation for this intention. We need good, holy priests. God will reward your generosity, I'm sure.


Divine Mercy said...

i hope he has done so. if he has, frank and i will donate gladly to help him out! O lord give us many holy priests!

AquinaSavio said...

Thanks so much, PG. I would give you a hug, if I could only reach you. ;-)

But you have to promise to come to my ordination. :-D

mary beth said...

Hello my name is Mary Beth Verrecchio I am doing a family history and was glad to see another Verrecchio. There are not many of us, my fathers name is John, and grandfather also John but known as "three finger Brownie". It would be wonderful to hear from you my email is -take care, God Bless--Mary Beth