Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wannabe Priests

Does this story disgust you as much as it does me? It's all about the shrinking ranks of Catholic priests and how lay people are all too happily filling their roles and taking over parishes that were once run by priests. The author makes it sound like a good thing. We need to pray for vocations! Pray, pray, pray! Otherwise we'll have a million little Pammies (like the one in this story) running around our sanctuaries thinking they are priests. Oh, I know some will say that it's a good thing someone is stepping up to the plate and taking on this leadership role, but I disagree. We need priests administering to the people, not well meaning lay people who think they can act as substitutes for the sacred office of priest. I would drive a million miles to attend a church that has a real priest, rather than attend one of these lay run parishes.


Lynne said...

It's the last gasp of the liberals to convince us that all is lost. We must accept this situation.

Back in May, our pastor had a consultant come in to give a talk to the parish about the State of the Parish. It was the most depressing talk you ever wanted to hear. I contend that his affliation with VOTF and other heterodox organizations colored his presentation but others thought I was being too harsh. If the Archdiocese of Boston ever goes with lay Parish Administrators, no parish within its boundaries will ever see any more of my time or money.

318@NICE said...

It won't be long until a majority of the Catholic Church is "completely" Protestant.


Anonymous said...

Yes! This story does disgust me as much as you! Oh, how lucky we are to have a Priest--but we need to pray, pray, pray for new priests. But, I think our society is becoming increasingly self-absorbed and the thought of giving yourself to your fellow man for small wages-and 24-hour days--give up having a wife and family--Priests are true diciples of Christ!

Tom in Vegas said...

You know, while I disagree with their rationale, I'm not that concerned about it as much as others. The Catholic Church is the one true Church Christ Himself gave life to and He will see to it that other men answer the call to the ministry and live their lives as priests. Will the rules change in the future? I don’t know and I don’t care. Right now I too want a priest and not some proxy executing his responsibilities.


ignorant redneck said...

1) A parish is an entity that has a definite status under canon law. But I have no idea what a faith community is. Heck, it could be a conglomeration of undead turbicle worshipes dancing nude under your car!

2) If the bishop woud simply put some of these parishes under a temporary closing, and expose young catholic to the actual importance of priests, rather than letting them seem like strangers who just wonder in for 45 minutes on sunday while some middleclass liberal housewife runs things, maybe young guys would see the priesthood as something nesessary. And maybe step up to bat.

And, before the flaming starts--Ai care nothing for statements "how do you know their liberal middle class housewives? have you met them all?" Because every single layminister who has charge of a parish I have met has been a liberal middleclass housewife--and heterodox to boot. I'm using middle class here in the classic sence: Bourgoisie.

And no, I'm not a commie, I'm a Redneck.

Anita Moore said...

Oh, I know some will say that it's a good thing someone is stepping up to the plate and taking on this leadership role, but I disagree.

The thing is, nobody else has the RIGHT to step up to the plate. It HAS to be a priest! There are only two sacraments that can be administered by the laity, and then only in the most extraordinary circumstances: baptism and matrimony.

I will take the most poorly-celebrated (i.e., Life Teen) Mass over a well-done Communion service any day of the week.

Michael Leggett said...

A Pastorette?