Saturday, November 17, 2007

The value of devotion to Mary

Yes, yes, I know I'm not posting anymore, but I just have to share this story with you. It's for the good of your own soul...

From the Glories of Mary, by St Alphonsus Liquori -

In the year 1604, in a city of Belgium, there lived two young men who were students. Instead of attending to their studies, they gave themselves up to a life of debauchery. One night they were both in a house of an evil companion, when one of them, named Richard, returned home, leaving his friend there. After Richard had reached home, he began to undress, and remembered he had not said a Hail Mary for the day, as was his custom. Feeling very sleepy, he was loathe to recite it, but he repeated several Hail Mary's, though without devotion and half asleep. He then lay down and fell asleep.

Suddenly, Richard was roused from his sleep by a violent knocking at the door, and answering the door, saw his companion, deformed and hideous, standing there before him.

"Who are you?" Richard cried out.

"What? Do you not know me?"

"Ah, yes! But how you have changed! You seem to me to be a devil!"

"Truly," his companion exclaimed, "poor, unfortunate creature that I am, I am damned. And how? When I was leaving that wicked house of sin, a devil came and strangled me; my body lies in the street, and my soul is in hell. And you must know," he added, that the same fate awaited you, had not the Blessed Virgin preserved you in consideration of that little act of homage of the Hail Mary. You are fortunate. If you only knew how to take advantage of this warning sent to you by the Mother of God."

With these words, his friend opened his mouth, and showing the flames and serpents by which he was tormented, he disappeared. Richard immediately burst into tears, and casting himself on the ground, he gave thanks to Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother, his protectress. The story says he entered a Franciscan monastery, leading a life of penance and died a martyr for the faith.


Divine Mercy said...

wow.. good thing we say the Hail Mary EVERY day!!!

Therese said...

Wow. Great story. Thanks pmg.

Shirley said...

I bought that book and remember reading that story. Made me thankful for all the times I prayed the rosary at the end of a long, trying day when all I wanted to do was just go to sleep.