Friday, November 16, 2007

Societal Collapse

What's the two things that never change in a Jesuit Mass?

The bread and wine.


The parish was raffling off a brand new BMW, so the elderly parishioner bought a ticket. Figuring he could use some assistance, he went to the local Franciscan monastery. "Oh, Father, " he begged the friar who answered the door, "I've got to win that BMW in the raffle. Would you say a novena for my intention?"

"That wouldn't be in the spirit of St. Francis now would it?" the priest asked. "However, I'll pray for you, my son."

So, the old boy tries the Dominicans and begs for a novena to win the BMW. No luck. "That wouldn't be in the spirit of St. Dominic, now would it? However, I'll pray for you my son."

Finally, in desperation, he goes to the Jesuits. After pondering the man's request, the Jesuit says, "Okay, the BMW I understand. But what's a novena?"


Just remember, Jesuits. We're not laughing at you, we're laughing beside you. Anyway, y'all don't have anyone to blame but yourselves.


Shirley said...

Hi Doc! What is going on with the Jesuits- I'm outta touch here! I didn't realise they are under attack by the devil- which they must be to corrupt what was once a driving force in the Catholic Church. I'm thinking of all the missionaries who helped spread the faith in Canada- they must be turning over in their graves! Reckon the Jesuits need our prayers to return to their former holyness??

Dr. Bombay said...

What's going on with the Jesuits? The 60's, moral relativism, sexual perversion, the Americanist heresy, mistaking socialist nostrums for genuine doctrine, good old fashioned pride....any combination of the above.

You ought to read Pat Buchanan's autobiography Right from the Beginning. Pat does a good job of recounting his days at an all-boys Jesuit high school in DC in the 50's, back when the Jesuits were real men teaching the real Faith trying to produce real Catholics. Makes you weep over what they once were....and what they've now become, led by the likes of Richard "Dick the Heretic" McBrien. They've gone from being the Pope's Marines to being a useful tool of the Lavender Mafia. (Although, perhaps "tool" in that context isn't really the wisest choice of words.)

Not that all Jesuits are bad, of course. Fr. Pacwa and Fr. Fessio, while not traddys, are at least reasonably reliable and solid. Don't know about the younger guys that are coming up thru the Jesuits nowadays. I pray they are the ones who will restore the Society to its former glory by teaching Catholic Truth instead of trendy socialism.