Friday, November 16, 2007

Your collection dollars at work.

There's an important second collection coming up this weekend at Holy Mass. Of course, to listen to the breathless propaganda from the USCCB, every second collection is important. Anyhoo, Diogenes has the inside scoop.

Bah. I've been suspicious of these second collections for years. After the local bish gets his cut and the aparatchiks at the USCCB funnel their take to their favorite bureaucratic, black ops slush fund, how much makes it to these charities anyway? I'd say precious little, and what does get to its intended recipient is used mainly, it seems, to fund goof ball Utopian schemes dreamt up by aging wacked-out hippies. That's why I refuse to put one red cent into the second collection basket. I even say no to Peter's Pence. Really, if you want the Pope to get money, just mail it directly to the Vatican. Make your check payable to "Benedict XVI." Trust me, it'll get cashed. Just don't expect a thank you note. But your reward in heaven shall be great.

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Divine Mercy said...

at our church, they have the second offering and i always donate to it.