Thursday, January 31, 2008

This picture of the Holy Father arrived in my email the other day. What a beautiful picture! Are those red shoes I see poking out from underneath his cassock?


Anna B. said...

This is what I found on Wikipedia;

Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II were buried in papal red leather shoes. Pope Benedict XVI has restored the custom of wearing red shoes or loafers, which are provided by the pope's personal cobbler.

Marilena said...

i wish they'd consider bringing back the papal tiara. and just bringing back the TLM period. no more NO Masses. thta would be a day of glory to God. it really would be. get rid of the NO, and have only the TLM. now that would be wonderful!

Tom in Vegas said...

He does know how to make a grand entrance, doesn't he?

Dr. Bombay said...

One brick at a time. He's restoring Tradition one brick at a time.

May God give our Pope a long reign.

Marilena said...

well, if the sspx is ever reunited with rome, and bishop fellay ever becomes a cardinal, ( yes there is hope) perhaps he will be our pope one day! all things are possible with God! if one of the bishops of the sspx ever becomes a cardinal, perhaps one day one of them will be pope. and if that ever happens, then the church will completely return to tradition. now this is something WORTH praying for! praise God!

Lola said...

Germans have awesome shoes!
I love my Finn Comfort sandals and my Sydney Birkenstocks.

But, Anna B. said that previous Papas' had red shoes, but why?
Does it harken back to why Cardinals are called to wear red?
For what ever reason, he looks smashing.