Friday, February 01, 2008

It's what the trads have been hoping for

1-February-2008 -- Catholic World News Brief

Vatican Official Suggests Reconsidering Communion in the Hand

Vatican, Feb. 1, 2008 ( - The secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship has called for reconsideration of the practice of Communion in the hand.

In the preface to a new Italian-language book on the Eucharist, written by a bishop from Kazakhstan and released in January by the Vatican's official publishing house, Archbishop Albert Malcolm Ranjith Patabendige Don suggests that the reception of Communion in the hand has contributed to a general sense of "carelessness" about the Eucharist, as well as some flagrant abuses. The archbishop makes his remarks in the preface to Dominus Est, by Bishop Athanasisus Schneider.

The practice of receiving Communion in the hand was not mandated by Vatican II, nor was it introduced in response to calls from the laity, Archbishop Ranjith writes. Instead, he argues, an established practice of piety-- receiving the Eucharist kneeling, on the tongue-- was changed "improperly and hurriedly," and became widespread even before it was formally approved by the Vatican.

In light of a widespread lack of reverence for the Eucharist, the archbishop suggests that it is "high time to review" the policy. While he does not condemn the practice of Communion in the hand, the Vatican official praises Bishop Schneider for arguing in favor of the older practice, saying that it helps to foster a proper sense of reverence and piety.


Dr. Bombay said...

Now Papa needs to give the good Arch a red hat and he can be the next Pope. In about...20 years maybe.

Somehow, I don't think the liberals would applaud the "diversity" of his election.

Marilena said...

it would be NICE if the Holy Father would do away completely with communion in the hand!! (and the NO)

vsaldana said...

I pray that the Traditional ways come back into the Catholic Church. I have been attending a pre-vatican II church now for the past eight months now. And it is so beauitful, then the new mass. Walking into the new mass,is like walking into a liberal luthern church or a Methodist Church. Singing protestdent songs. Taking communion standing up and by the hand. Im 27 years and i love the old mass,that's the way my grandparents and their greatgrand parents celebrated the great HOLY TRADITIONAL LATIN MASS. I pray that the old mass comes back to all the Catholic Churhes in the world.

Shirley said...

Is that a train I see a'comin'? The Traditional ways cannot be denied;the movement is gathering momentum; the liberal nonsense is about to be steam rolled by reverence and love of our Lord- did He not tell us that His Church would not be destroyed?(Despite the efforts of Satan disguised as self-loving Christians).

Therese said...

I remember when communion in the hand came in. I was told that I had to receive it in my hand. I wasn't told I had a choice.

Cygnus said...

I no longer receive the Eucharist in the hand; it's not "getting a cookie."

So, should we be surprised when, because of that and other "reforms," we see this?

Evangelicals Outnumber Catholics

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Let's work slowly, an accurate translation of the NO, then abolishing Communion in the Hand, de-wreckovating Churches :)