Thursday, February 21, 2008

Abortionist nominated for Order of Canada

You may have heard that Henry Morgantaler has been nominated for the Order of Canada by a group of pro-choice activists. If, like me, you find this outrageous, you can help by phoning the Governor General's office to register your objection to this ridiculous campaign to place an abortionist in a position of honour for killing the unborn and destroying the lives of women.

From an email I received from Suzanne of Big Blue Wave, here's what you can do:

You must phone the Governor-General's office and tell them that you do not want Henry Morgentaler to receive the Order of Canada. It's easy. First call the Governor-General's Office.

Phone numbers: Ottawa: 613-993-8200
Rest of Canada: 1-800-465-6890

You will get a receptionist. Ask to speak to Madeleine Proulx (pronounced "Prew"). She deals with the Order of Canada. Leave her a voice mail message, stating your name and phone number, and the reasons you object to Henry Morgantaler being considered for the Order of Canada award.

I called her just a few moments ago, and like Suzanne, I got a voice message that asked me to leave my name and phone number. You won't be able to do this anonymously. I registered my objection to Henry Morgantaler being considered for the Order of Canada award, and gave my reasons why. Be sure to be polite and reasonable in your conversation. Please, if you live in Canada, make the phone call. We must keep this man from receiving such an esteemed award.

There is another way you can voice your opinion. Here is a link to a Globe and Mail poll that asks whether Henry Morgantaler should be awarded the Order of Canada. You can only vote once. Right now, it sits at 86% No, and 14% yes.

Please take the time to vote on this poll.


Marilena said...

oh good grief, what will they nominate next????

Marilena said...

i voted no the poll, and i called the number you stated and stated the reasons why i object to him being nominated.