Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Here are a few stories worth reading today:

Christian education rejected by University of California

Heavy Metal Capuchin Rocker?

Muslims kill Christian teen for courting a Muslim girl


Shirley said...

1. Is the U. S. trying to eradicate Christianity? It certainly seems so. So much for their "In God We Trust". How about "To the Devil we Bow"?
2. A man of God???? NOT!
3. I pray every day for an end to Muslim violence against Christians with my Rosary intentions.
After reading all these stories, it brings home the fact that the moral fabric of this world is in decay; that it is putrid and rotting. How can we expect God to be merciful when there is so much evil? How can we stay the hand of the Just Judge? Why hasn't California slid into the ocean under the weight of its iniquity? Why hasn't God struck down those who publicly degrade the priesthood? Why does He not strike countries where such evil is not only permissable but a part of the very fabric of their society? The only answer that I can find is that God permits evil so that a greater good can arise from it.Each one of us must be a part of that greater good. Pray mightily for this world that Jesus sacrificed Himself for. Above all, attend Mass; we need people to come back in droves to the Mass and offer it up for themselves and the world.

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley, good points. I also think that God is allowing this evil in order to punish us; you know, letting us wallow in our own sins, so to speak.

Shirley said...

I'm not so sure that God punishes us by allowing us to wallow in sin; after all He hates sin, and does not desire it for us; His usual form of punishment for sin is a chastisement. Like wiping Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the earth, or the great flood, which would have wiped out all humanity if it were not for the grace of Noah who found favour with God. So this should be a lesson to us, that by staying in a state of grace, and living a Godly life, we can appease God for the sins of others if we petiton Him.

ignorant redneck said...

I think the whole education thing is rooted in post modernist deconstruction.

as long as the church continues to teach that there is such a thing as an abosolute truth, or that there are moral absolutes, the academic passion for "deconstructing" everything will continue to look lame.

Their ideas don't compete well--so they try to silence the competition. It's like a monopoly or economic trust, except about ideas.

I don't know much about the heavy metal capuchin, but I know there are heavy metal and thrash christian band--I gues I'd have to understand the lyrics, which isn't gonna happen.

Sometimes, when confronted with what the muslims do, my repentant sinner Catholic mind comes into direct conflict with my paratrooper mind, and I experience congnitive dissonance. i.e., I have trouble deciding between a rosary and a Beowulf Carbine.

smiley007 said...

1) Education - what if catholic kids did not go to such universities? I feel sorry and pray that catholic parents have all the graces and strength to do the catholic thing for their kids. Its a tough choice bring them up as Catholic verus getting a job in the world. maybe its time to lean on the bible verses that say 'Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteouness and ll things will be added onto you' and also 'what does it profit a man if he gains the wole world and loses his soul' and 'man does not live by bread alone.....'
2) metel priest with skull tshirts in the background...i think not
3) pakistan pakistan why did you ever assent to partition what can i say.