Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Below is the resort on Kootenay Lake that we go to every summer.

This is Kootenay Lake at its most beautiful - peaceful and quiet.

Our access to anywhere...and the beach I call my favourite. The joy of having a boat is that you don't have to share a beach with anyone else.

The water was cold for this time of year, about 59 - 62 degrees F. The dog even had to bury his head in the sand after getting a doggie bath in the lake!

A historic moment, the SS Moyie, the oldest restored passenger sternwheeler of its kind in the world. It sits in Kaslo and has been restored to all her former glory. A sight worth seeing if you love the early history of the area.

Just one of the artifacts from the SS Moyie that has been preserved. Note the hand cranked washing bucket that reads, "The 1900 washer saves women's lives." Huh? I didn't know that scrubbing clothes on a washboard in the creek was a task that produced fatalities!


Tom in Vegas said...

I like the second pic. The lake looks calm and serene. I've always enjoyed lakes encircled by heavily wooded areas. There is something both beautiful and mysterious about them. I'm sure the nighttime view of the stars was amazing.

Say, did you happen to see any flying saucers? I think there is an X-Files episode involving a lake and extra-terrestrials. LOL!

Shirley said...

Beautiful pictures that bring back memories of Kootenay Lake.Dad used to have a boat and would take all us kids to isolated beaches where we would have a fire and boil up cobs of corn from our garden.(I bet he took us to isolated beaches because we were so unruly!) I remember him taking us fishing in the boat on the west arm of the Lake; my first fish was a 2 lb. squaw fish - for those of you who don't know, "squaw fish" (no disrespect intended) are bottom feeders and generaly aren't eaten. I was quite upset that we had to throw it back!

paramedicgirl said...

Tom, I also love that second pic. I have it set as my desktop background for now. Every year one of my morning pics always turns out looking like this.

About the X files - they were filmed here in Maple Ridge where I live now. At Alouette Lake, about 15 minutes from my house.

Shirley,yes I remember those boat trips and the corn-eating contests that Lincoln always used to win! Dad's boat sunk in a storm in Proctor one year, remember? He went to check on it the morning after the storm and it was gone. After that, we (kids) started fishing in the creeks, with fishing rods made out of flexible branches and grasshoppers for bait. We caught plenty of brook trout with our home-made rods.

Shirley said...

Yeah, and I remember fishing off the little dock we has on the lake when we lived near Balfour; we were rather inventive as kids; we used branches, string and safety pins and caught lots of whitefish! And we topped off our dinner of fried whitefish with Kool-Aid,for which we would scout the dry grass for the largest stalks and make our own drinking straws! LOL!

Marilena said...

i went fishing at sandspit when i was a teenager with some friends, and i caught a small kokanee salmon and i looked at it like it was an alien. typical teenage girl thing! i love the lake there, but its too deep for me. 729 feet deep at the middle i was told. i don't like water over my head. it creeps me out. but it is a very beautiful lake never the less.