Saturday, August 02, 2008

Judge not

It's been a busy week for me; I barley have time to visit my own blog never mind check on any of my favourites!

Yesterday, while working at one of the stations in my post, we were about to head out on a code 3 call when a tow truck pulled up and blocked us in. I motioned for him to move, but he said he was there to tow vehicles that were in violation of the city's parking ordinances. He was a big burly man, fitting the stereotype of what I thought a tow truck driver would look like.

It turned out that all he wanted was for any paramedics who had vehicles that were about to be towed to move them so he wouldn't have to tow our vehicles away. The reason he was so gracious toward us? One of the crews at this particular station I was working at had saved his life when he had a heart attack some time ago. He said the last thing he wanted was to make life difficult for the guys who saved his life. It wasn't my car that was in any danger of being towed, since I park and walk, but his generosity did make a difference to one of the fellows who quickly moved his car. So much for judging people with sterotypes.


Anonymous said...

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Michael Leggett said...

I'm surprised that The canadian Government, allows Catholicism to be practised at all:

I met with a Bronx Born-Queens Raised Gentleman, who was up in ON, over the last few days. I drew him out of the Masons, if you remember;

He told me everything about how un-free, Canada is.

paramedicgirl said...

Michael, we are hardly a Communist country! Canada is very much like the US, except the US has more freaks than Canada because you have ten times the population. Where we really are alike is in our crappy leadership. We both seem to always get morons running our countries.