Monday, August 11, 2008

My Garden

Here are a few pictures of my back yard:

Before moving to the coast, I had never seen pink Hydrangeas before. This plant was close to dead when we bought the house, but a lot of Miracle Grow and a green thumb did wonders for it!

There was no landscaping when we moved in; just lawn.

Grass is nice, but it's also pretty boring, so we put a pond in. (unless it's ornamental grass, like what I planted around the pond)

And here it is, a few months later, already matured to something very beautiful
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Tom in Vegas said...

My gosh, with those colorful Hydrangeas and other big plants, looks like a small part of Hawaii landed on your backyard. VERY nice!

Shirley said...

Looks much better than it did in June! Have you thought about making a Mary Garden next?

paramedicgirl said...

Thanks Tom. Gardening is my main hobby. That and blogging LOL!

paramedicgirl said...

Shirley,how do you create a Mary Garden? All white flowers? The Masdonna Lily as the focal point?

Shirley said...

A Mary garden is an enclosed type of garden that is made up of flowers and plants that symbolise Mary. You can use it for a place to pray, and it's good to have a statue of Mary in it. Here is a link from fisheaters: Mom gave me a book on Mary's flowers; I'll send it to you.

ignorant redneck said...


My garden on the other hand--looks just like an Ohio Valley vegetable garden in August--more so--I used a second rate type of compost!

Wish I had your touch!

Terry Nelson said...

Beautiful! How do you grow a palm tree in Canada? - Isn't that a palm in the center?

paramedicgirl said...

Terry, that's a non-edible banana tree. The two palm trees are much smaller, but you can see the Windmill Palm on the far left. Behind the banana tree is a bamboo. It's very vigorous! I live in the Vancouver area, and there are lots of palm trees and banana trees growing here on the West Coast.