Saturday, September 20, 2008

As it stands

Tomorrow I will announce the winners of the two giveaways - I would really like to give the Saints Daily Planner to a student, and several have already put their names forward. It's not too late to submit your name for either contest! Click here to enter the contest for the Song of Angels framed print and click here to enter the contest for the Saints Daily Planner.

The Song of Angels framed print is designated to go to whomever has the least number of sacramentals in their home, and from the submitted entries, here are the tallies:

Marilena - 29 and counting
Anita Moore - 26
Shirley - 22
Nancy - 21
Andrew -7
Patricia - 5
Ashley - 5
Peter - 4
Venerable Bede - 1


Shirley said...

And remember, everyone, be truthful!

Marilena said...

i don't count:) iam family:)

paramedicgirl said...

Marilena, family or not, you would be in the running if you had bare bones sacramentals in your home, but you are right up there at the top with plenty of images and other religious items to elevate the heart and mind to prayer. I love the way you have pictures of the Holy Father right in your entrance way, and that beautiful sign that tells visitors your home is Catholic.

Marilena said...

well, thanks:) and your right, 29 and counting:) i plan on getting another statue soon! (assuming we don't get a newer vehicle that is. )

Anita Moore said...

Wow, I'm in second place for the most sacramentals. I'm slacking off! (Maybe I should have listed my holy cards individually...)