Saturday, September 13, 2008

What is in your home?

Adrienne and Angela inspired me to run a contest where the participants count the number of sacramentals and Catholic images they have on display in their home. Adrienne's rules are simple: the items have to be Catholic (don't count books) and they have to be on display at all times. I was surprised at the number of Catholic items I have in my home. When they are spread out in different rooms, it seems like less.

Ready, set go! Count up your items while I search for an appropriate prize to award to the person who actually owns the fewest sacramentals. You didn't think I would give it to the one who has plenty, did you?

Here is a count & photo display of my favourite items: (Click on any picture to enlarge it)
Pictures 30 (it seems high because I have the stations of the cross)
Crucifixes 7
Statues 10 plus 1 in my garden for 11 total
Holy water/font 2
Rosaries on display 2 plus a rosary ring for 3
Scapulars on display 5

Total 57 items

This crucifix hangs in my kitchen, one of seven throughout the house.

This is my oldest statue, that of the Holy Family. It sits on my 1920's antique piano, which I don't have time to play anymore.

This picture is in the entrance way to our home, a gift from my last priest, one for each family who was present for the consecration to the Sacred Heart.

This beautiful crucifix is the first thing anyone will see when they enter our house - a gift from my blogging buddy, Dr. Bombay. It's so beautiful, yet he still was able to part with it.

These little statues sit on my Catholic bookshelf in my prayer/reading room. My sister Marilena gave me the statue of St Therese, and the other two were given to me by Dr. Bombay.

These are three of the fourteen stations of the cross I have in my prayer room, also given to me by Dr. B. He sent me a whole box of stuff when he sold his house!

My Catholic bookshelf; there are lots more books elsewhere, too!

Our Lady of Fatima, holding a very special pearl and silver rosary that I gave to my daughter on her Confirmation day this year.

The Last Supper, which I purchased at a Catholic bookstore in downtown Seattle last year when I went with my sister Shirley to Father Corapi's Lenten Retreat. The statue of the Sacred Heart I purchased in Quebec City a few years ago. It has its own interesting little story.

So come on, join in the contest! I will post the prize in a few days.


Cygnus said...

Since we're packing for our move to Nevada, I have to recuse myself.

Adrienne said...

The crucifix Dr. Bombay gave you is the same one we give to all the folks we end up sponsoring - after 9 years in RCIA that happens alot.

paramedicgirl said...

That is a beautiful keepsake gift for one who has just joined the Church, Adrienne. I have never sponsored anyone; not that I'm not willing to, just that I've never been asked.

Marilena said...

i don't count, iam family:) hee hee hee:)

Marilena said...

besides, have 11 statues as well:) 12 catholic pictures on my wall, 6 rosaries too. holy cards? a great deal. i have a whole box full of them:)

Shirley said...

OK, here's my list:
Rosaries on display-2
Holy cards on display-8
Sacred Heart framed pictures-2
Holy water font-1
Blessed palms-2
Catholic calendar-1
Candle containers with Jesus and Mary-2
Angel candle holder-1
I also have the stations of the Cross but nowhere to display them in our tiny house,so since I have a key to the local church I go there to pray tha stations. I try to go there as often as possible to pray the rosary in front of our Lord in the tabernacle and to keep Him company.

Nancy said...

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage because I've only been a Catholic for a year and a half and I live in a bachelor's suite apartment but here goes:

2 crucifixes
1 wooden cross on a stand inlaid with carved reliefs of scenes from the life of Christ
7 religious images
1 diptych of icons
1 St. Michael fridge magnet
2 blessed palms
1 baptismal candle
1 statue
1 picture of the Pope
1 vial of holy water
a bundle of a couple dozen holy cards
1 Catholic calendar
1 rosary box with 3 rosaries
1 3-foot long handmade rosary

And though it doesn't count, one of my best acquisitions was finding at the dollar store 6 identical brass candlesticks to properly decorate my little home shrine.

Andrew said...

Lets see I have too crucifix, two pictures, two statues of Mary and a St. Patrick statues....and I thinks thats it. I'm the only Catholic in the house so I guess I don't have that much.

Peter said...

I have 4 crucifixes.

Anita Moore said...

Well, let's see:

-- Sick call crucifix
-- Framed picture of the Sacred Heart
-- Crucifix in spare bedroom
-- Miraculous medal hanging in hallway
-- Blessed Sacrament plaque in dining room
-- Crucifix over front door
-- Altar crucifix on mantlepiece
-- Framed Divine Mercy image
-- Our Lady of Perpetual Help image
-- Framed Bl. Margaret of Castello card, with a third-class relic
-- St. Thomas More holy card at foot of altar crucifix
-- Statue of St. Michael the Archangel evicting Satan
-- Great big picture of St. Therese of Lisieux
-- Little statue of St. Alphonsus Ligouri
-- Miraculous medals on front and back doors
-- At least half a dozen more miraculous medals
-- St. Thomas More medal
-- St. Benedict medal
-- Old, worn-out brown scapular
-- Various holy cards
-- A couple of bottles of holy water

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. And I have more at the office!

Patricia said...

I only have 1 crucifix, 1 holy water vial, and 3 rosaries. By the way, the Song of Angels painting is my absolute favorite painting. It is the wallpaper on my computer at work.

Patricia said...

Sorry, I forgot to post my name.

I have:
1 crucifix
1 holy water vial
3 rosaries

The Song of Angels painting is my absolute favorite painting! I love it!

ashley said...

Since I have a only a small studio, I don't don't have much Catholic stuff on display. The book shelf is overflowing, however.
Palm branches from last March-1 grouping
Picture of Mary-1
Last supper image-1
And usually one holy card propped on my night stand with a votive candle
(Other holy cards, rosaries, chaplets, and holy water and oils remain stashed away.)

Venerable Bede said...

I have exactly 1 on display, and that's the Crucifix that was displayed on my grandfather's coffin. I'm a student, so unfortunately, I don't have much money (yet) to shell out on statues and such.