Sunday, September 07, 2008

Barbarians in the Sanctuary

There is a good post over at Abbey Roads about the loss of reverence of the Holy Eucharist and how we've gone from the honour and reverence displayed in the picture above to what Terry calls "barbarians in the sanctuary." Go check it out.


Smiley said...

Do you go to church and often and people talk in church. Its the same disrespect. parents who don't correct noisy kids. Oldies who think the church is the place to talk.
No no it is not. In the tabernacle is the Eucharistic Christ. Sadly in our churches here in Canada the tabernacle is hidden in a far corner.

Marilena said...

smiley, not in my church it isn't. we also have a crying room. the NO ones might hide their tabernacle in the far corner, but not in our church. no way. man, am i ever glad my brother introduced me to the TLM! i wont ever look back. no noisy kids, no disrespect for our Lord, no scantily clad women, no thinking its their own personal cafe during and after Mass where they love to blab, no phones ringing, no hiding the tabernacle off in the far corner. no immodest dress! women actually cover their head at Mass, and so they should! read the incredible catholic Mass by Father Martin von Cochem, and you'll never look at the Mass the way you did before. never.

Smiley said...

Back where i am from, kids did not cry in church. they knelt down at the right time and sat and stood at the right time. they did not take books and toys to church. And if they misbehaved (and by this i mean did not kneel or stand at the irght time) then their parents pinched them or a light hit on the head was administered.
we were not allowed to wear sneakers or jeans to church when growing up. and for Christmas and Easter we wore suits no matter what the temperature at Easter it was usually 40 degrees celcius.
When i went back to get married, at one of the wedding masses i had attended the bride was wearing an off shoulder dress. the priest walked out and said he would not start the mass till she was appropriately dressed. Do i miss church back home rather than the lossy goossie stuff here. I could write up a whole thread on liturgical abuses. Children being called up to the altar during the Pater Noster. everyone holding hands during the Pater Noster like a bunch of hippies.
The priest breaking the bread at the consecrations instead of the Angus Dei. The pirest running up and down the asiles to wish everyone peace.
Now look what youe've done im upset

Marilena said...

smiley, may i suggest you take a look at a tlm in your area? i have a list of them on my sidebar in on my blog.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

no, no, you have it all wrong, Mass is all about us and how great we are. (sarcasm off)

The joys of having altar rails and actual discipline in the Church (at least at mine)